SIM Catholic Society

We are a Catholic campus ministry in SIM, under the Archdiocese’s Office for Young People.

Welcome to the Family!

About Us

SIM’s Catholic Society (CS) is a place for anyone in the SIM campus to call a home away from home. We are a community of fun-loving individuals who desire to discover more about the faith and to share the Father’s love to one another and to all that we meet.

Life in CS centers around weekly sessions and cell groups, monthly campus mass and fellowships! We pray hard, play hard, study hard and above all we love one another as a family and are around daily to be each other’s support as we carry our crosses and walk together towards a life of holiness.


Testimony Tuesdays

Testimonies from our community members will be posted every Tuesday so you can get to know us better! We hope that these testimonies will speak to you. 🙂 #faithstirsfaith

Worship Wednesdays

We will be sharing about our favourite worship songs in this season and how they speak to us! Feel free to listen to them, and share with us your favourite worship song too!

Fitness Fridays

Let’s get our hearts pumping for jesus! Workout sessions will be hosted by our own community members on iglive, so do tune in as we jump to heaven together!

Why Community?

CS is more than just a CCA that I attend every Wednesday. CS is like a family to me. And like a family, they share in my joys and my victories, they pick me up and direct me back to the Lord when I fall, and they’ll always provide a safe habour for me to return to. 🙂 Come and experience it yourself!

Shermain Austyna, Yr 2, University at Buffalo, SUNY

CS is truly a community i treasure a lot. Meeting like minded brothers and sisters in Christ has deepened my faith and brought me back onto the path to Jesus whenever i have strayed. I’ve had unforgettable experiences and was given a chance to meet people that i’ll always cherish.

Tristan Yit, Yr 3, University of London

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